9K Gold / Sapphire Paeloris Cuff Ring

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Gemstone Collection / Australian Teal Sapphire

Paeloris from the Latin; Clam or Mussel. Its surface detail showcases an etched clamshell pattern paired with a smooth abstract form that highlights an interplay with the smooth and reflective where each of it’s surfaces catches and reflects the light.

This delicate and timeless classic can be worn either on its own or stacked with other rings in this series.

This design is part of the Oceana collection which captures both the complexity and simplicity of Australia’s seascape. Each piece is an abstraction of marine life, harmoniously balancing intricate organic details with understated beauty.



Design Width: 14.5mm x 6.5mm
Band Width: 2.3mm
Band Gauge (thickness): 1.6mm
Design Collection: Oceana; Astro
Stackable / Nesting collection

Gemstone: Australian Teal Sapphire
Princess Cut: 4.5mm

This ring is available in these materials;
Bright White Sterling Silver, 9K Gold, 9K Gold - Sapphire

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At Abby Seymour, we pride ourselves on using ethically sourced materials. We work with trusted merchants to source the finest gemstones that are as stunning as they are durable.

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