Brass Paeloris Cuff Bangle


Paeloris from the Latin; Clam or Mussel. Its surface detail showcases an etched clamshell pattern paired with a smooth abstract form that highlights an interplay with the smooth and reflective where each of its surfaces catches and reflects the light. The Paeloris is a statement making and sculptural Cuff Bangle which follows the form of the body to striking effect.

This design is part of the Oceana collection which captures both the complexity and simplicity of Australia’s seascape. Each piece is an abstraction of marine life, harmoniously balancing intricate organic details with understated beauty.



Design Detail: Height 18mm x Width 49mm
Design Cuff Gap: 15mm - 20mm
Size Large: 70mm x 57mm Inner Diameter
Size Medium: 61mm x 51mm Inner Diameter
Size Small: 55mm x 42mm Inner Diameter
Design Collection: Oceana; Medius

Brangle available in these materials;
Sterling Silver, Brass

Materials & Care


Every Abby Seymour piece is handmade in Melbourne using high quality and sustainable materials.

Abby chooses to work with Sterling Silver earring posts, backs and hooks as well as necklace clasps and chains with solid Australian Brass which is perfect for sensitive skin and everyday wear. Over time, exposure to the elements and with wear brass becomes antiqued in colouring.

Detailed material and care guide.

Size Guide


This Bangle/Cuff is available in two sizes:
Small / Medium
Medium / Large

Our detailed Size Guide