Abby Seymour's

Inspired by nature,
design and ancient
her collections reflect
a language of
‘Modern Antiquities’

A natural continuation of classic and timeless principles with sustainability at the core
of her design and creation process. Made to last by design, Abby Seymour’s
jewellery has an elegant and spirited appeal, steeped in originality and longevity.

Abby Seymour

Abby Seymour is an artist with an established Australian practice, which creates handmade jewellery defined by individuality and sustainability. Every piece is designed and made consciously, from her unique collections of contemporary designs to create-to-order pieces and private commissions – where Abby’s expertise guides individual stories to life. 

Inspired by nature, design and ancient civilisations, her collections reflect a language of ‘Modern Antiquities’ – a natural continuation of classic and timeless principles.

As an artist, she takes time to consider and refine throughout the creation process making each piece work effortlessly for the wearer, durable yet comfortably light; designed to connect to your story. Meticulous skill with attention to detail and a sophisticated aesthetic combine to transform the charms of creative expression into valuable pieces of art, thoughtfully sculpted for wear.

Made to last by design, Abby Seymour’s jewellery has an elegant and spirited appeal, steeped in originality and longevity.

Reinventing everyday items as treasured pieces for any and all time.
Ethics and Sustainability

Lifecycle Overview

At Abby Seymour, our core values of sustainability, social equality, and ethical and responsible mining inform our entire design and creation process. Being truly responsible in these areas doesn’t involve one single accreditation or solution but a holistic approach to bring each piece into the world honestly, with the least possible impact.

We invest time and care all the way through from designing timeless pieces to our material choice, our artisanal techniques and our handmade small batch process, which minimises waste, avoids chemicals and ensures the highest quality.

From the artist’s hands to the wearer, each piece is imbued with integrity and designed to endure through trends and time.

Just as a cycle continues, so does our support to continue the story of your precious piece.


01. Conscious design

"From miner to wearer, we ensure each unique design holds lasting value."

  • The test of time

    We consider how materials endure daily wear and how they will retain value over the years. For this reason, we use only solid metals instead of plating and work hard to make each piece durable without sacrificing comfort. We are inspired to create infinitely wearable objects to hand down through generations, fostering confidence in the wearer and respecting origin and purpose.

  • Holistic design

    As an artist, Abby Seymour employs the benefits of time. Even before design begins, behind-the-scenes contemplation is where inspiration and authenticity flourish. She takes time to understand and respect the materials and individual client needs, innovates to enable accessible pricing, and takes care to develop production processes tested for durability and quality. Consideration and refinement throughout the process make each piece work effortlessly for the wearer, durable yet comfortably light and designed to connect with their story and move through life together. 

  • Connection and story

    We believe jewellery imbued with story is what makes it meaningful and gives it purpose throughout time. Its quiet power represents a state of mind, sentiment or significant moment, making it a modern talisman that beautifully signifies expression and culture. Our meticulous approach to fine detail and timeless interpretations of classic principles enables our jewellery to become part of the wearer’s story, moving through time together.

  • Crafted with love, for all love

    We stand for marriage equality for LGBTIQ+ and all people. While the wedding industry has traditionally presumed heterosexuality, we support the right to choose to marry whomever you love. Our engagement and wedding jewellery is based on this.

02. Responsibly sourced materials

"We don’t consider environmentalism a trend. It’s our ethos."

  • Local love

    From bringing an inherited gemstone back to life to using only locally made metals, we are committed to sourcing high quality materials from the most ethical and sustainable avenues. We work with local Australian suppliers who meet rigorous regulation standards and ensure all our metals are entirely traceable.

  • Respect for our Earth

    We acknowledge the connection that organic materials have with culture, origin and land, and recognise the privilege of working intimately with the Earth’s precious metals and gemstones. Treating materials with respect, honouring where they have come from and how they have come to formation informs our practice.

  • Fairmined gold

    Fairmined gold is an assurance label that certifies gold from empowered responsible artisanal and small-scale mining organisations who meet world leading standards for responsible practices. We have worked hard to bring this to our practice. Until now, cast gold – which we use in our pieces – has not been able to achieve this standard. We have worked with Fairmined to develop an Australian-first Fairmined Gold Casting Initiative, which means your accredited Abby Seymour jewellery is a small but important piece of progress for people and our planet. Launching soon!

  • Ongoing evolution

    There is no single accreditation or solution to ensure ethical and sustainable practices in jewellery making. Similarly, there is still a lot to be done across the sector to address a more positive mining pathway. We strive to create pieces that make their way into the world with the least possible impact and are committed to keep evolving and advocating for considered and sustainable pathways and industry standards. As part of this, we pledge our commitment to work towards all materials being responsibly sourced through 'The Clean Gold Network’.

03. One place to call home

“You don’t need a big space to make a positive impact.”

  • Our boutique Melbourne studio is the heart and home of our showroom and workshop. The interactive studio showcases Abby Seymour’s jewellery in a beautiful sunlit space and leads through to her workshop, where everything from concept to design, manufacturing and packaging takes place – all under one roof for as small a footprint as possible.

    The studio provides a glimpse into Abby Seymour’s ethos and oeuvre. It brings the art of making to life, full of traditional tools that spark a connection to the handmade craft. This is also where clients connect with Abby to share the life cycle of a special commissioned piece. Our creation home is an intimate and special world where creativity, design, passion and lifeblood come alive.

    Our studio is located on the lands of the Wurundjeri People who we respectfully wish to acknowledge as the Traditional Owners and all First Peoples living and working on this land. We celebrate the history and contemporary creativity of the world's oldest living culture and pay our respects to their Aboriginal Elders, past, present and emerging.

    We acknowledge that our business activities take place on Aboriginal land and the role we must all play in continuing to collectively build a community that creates a meaningful space for the history, creativity, knowledge and culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

04. Handcrafted to the highest quality

“The investment of skill, time and attention to detail is imbued in each piece.”

  • Artisanal principles

    All Abby Seymour’s jewellery is handmade in her studio as one-off commissioned pieces, made-to-order designs or small batches of her collection items. This enables the strongest commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, from being able to select the most responsibly made metals to retaining complete control over the process ensuring it is chemical free with minimal waste. This approach means we can cater for individual needs and taste rather than shorter-term design trends and have a laser focus on quality, creating pieces that ignite memories into the future.

  • Expertise in the craft

    As an experienced artist and jeweller, Abby Seymour pairs fine hand skills with knowledge of process and continual investment in her practice, allowing every piece to be produced in-house from tooling through to the finished product. While mass production methods overlook the nuance of each material and apply unnatural processes for uniformity, our work is meticulously crafted and checked by hand and eye. Variations in our small-batch collections reflect true handmade craftsmanship – minor impressions left by the artist; evidence of handmade beauty.

05. Lifetime support

“Just as a cycle continues, so does our support to continue the story of your precious piece."

  • A lifetime of care

    As well as providing care instructions for your jewellery, Abby Seymour offers a repair service and professional cleaning in our studio to keep your jewellery beautiful for years to come. We use ultrasonic equipment for a deeper and safer clean. We also offer a re-oxidisation service for pieces that use sterling silver. Please contact us if this is of interest.

  • Continuing your story

    Your story evolves as you move through life, and so should your jewellery. Abby Seymour’s approach reflects this, as does her experience in designing pieces such as stackable rings to add to collections and working with clients to create individual pieces to continue their personal stories. This continuation speaks to the longevity of the jewellery, and the ongoing relationship between maker and wearer.