01. Product info

  • Are all of the products made by you?

    Yes, all products are designed and made by Abby Seymour.

  • Where are your products made?

    Everything is made locally in Abby's studio in Melbourne, Australia. There is no outsourcing or cruelty involved in the process or sourcing of materials.

  • How environmentally considerate are Abby Seymour's products?

    All Abby Seymour's products are made with the highest quality materials. All materials are ethically sourced with the least possible environmental impact and wherever possible, Abby preferences locally produced materials.

  • Can I see a video of a product in context before I purchase it?

    Please email orders@abbyseymour.com with your name and phone number or request for a virtual appointment, along with the product you are interested in and we’ll get back to you via your preferred method to help you in more detail.

  • Do you ever offer discounts or go on sale?

    We have chosen a different path to the mainstream – by producing made-to-order pieces and a highly curated selection we don’t need to use sales and are able to invest our energy into making quality jewellery that we can stand behind with our full integrity.

  • Can I make an exchange?

    We accept return and exchange requests within five days of the delivery confirmation date. We are unable to return or exchange items that have been used or altered. Our full Terms and Conditions are available here.

02. Online orders

  • Why should I purchase online?

    As an independent designer and jeweller who does not advertise, Abby Seymour’s online shop is essential to her business. It provides her with the cashflow needed to keep production on-time and to re-invest in improving her products and service.

  • How long will my order take to make?

    When you order a product from Abby Seymour's online shop there are three options, each with different delivery timeframes. If you select 'in stock', it means your item is in stock at Abby Seymour's Melbourne studio and will be posted within three days of your order. If you select 'pre order', it means your item is not in stock or is a made-to-order piece. Your item will take between two weeks and up to four weeks (in peak times) to be made by Abby before your order is ready to be posted or collected. If you select 'custom', it means your item is not a stocked item and will be specifically made-for-you to the selected size. Your item will take four weeks and up to six weeks (in peak times) to be made by Abby before your order is ready to be posted or collected.

  • Can I send my order as a gift?

    Yes absolutely, you can select gift options when making your online purchase, including gift wrapping, gift notes or card and a gift order receipt with invoice pricing excluded.

03. Gift purchasing

  • How are gifts packaged and prepared?

    Gift items are carefully wrapped in tissue paper and sent with a printed bio slip about our products and ethos, and can include a gift card with a personal note. If your gift order requires shipping, it will also be wrapped in an additional layer of protective transit material, such as recyclable honeycomb paper or card, and then placed in our printed tough postage satchels.

  • How can I find out if my ‘someone’ has registered their details with you?

    Simply email us at orders@abbyseymour.com and let us know the name and birth or anniversary date and we’ll let you know. If we have the person on file, we can guide you along in confidence knowing that you have the right specs to make an informed choice.

  • I’m worried that I’ll choose the wrong gift item; can I exchange it if this is the case?

    In most cases, yes, exchanges are accepted in accordance with our standard Terms and Conditions, with the exception of bespoke, altered or custom items.

  • Do you offer group discounts for bridal parties?

    It’s our pleasure to support friends and family groups with special items that have a shared story. We offer a 15% discount on set group orders of five or more units. Please email us at orders@abbyseymour.com or apply your discount code: AS-bridalparty05+

  • Do you offer gift vouchers for custom amounts?

    Yes, we can issue you with your exact nominated amount - please email us at orders@abbyseymour.com to arrange a gift voucher. Custom digital gift vouchers will be emailed and physical gift vouchers are available to collect from our Melbourne showroom at suite 7, 50 Albert Street, East Brunswick.

04. Showroom

  • Can I visit your showroom and studio?

    Absolutely, we are always happy to welcome you into our showroom to view our full range of jewellery in person. We can also help guide you through the selection process, including a tailored size and fitting.

  • Are all your products available to see in the showroom?

    Yes, we like to keep the showroom displays and cabinets fully stocked so you can explore all our catalogue designs. Our bestsellers are a safe bet to purchase on the spot in store, however we may not always have every item stocked for purchase on the spot. If this is the case, we will take your order and make it especially for you.

  • What hours is your showroom open?

    We are open on:

    – Fridays between 9.30am and 6pm

    By appointment:

    – Mondays to Thursdays between 9.30am and 6pm
    – Saturdays between 9.30am and 12.30pm for commission consultations only.

  • Can I make a showroom appointment outside of your listed hours?

    Yes, but only for commissioned pieces of jewellery. If this is the case, please email us on showroom@abbyseymour.com to organise a time and date.

05. Commissions

  • Do you take custom orders?

    Yes, Abby Seymour enjoys working on commissions and one-off pieces. Her expertise, attention to detail and experience in fulfilling custom briefs yields amazing bespoke results.

  • How do I initiate a commission?

    Please email Abby on showroom@abbyseymour.com to organise a consultation at her Melbourne studio or virtually via Zoom or Google Meet.

  • How does a commission process work without a one-on-one consultation?

    Abby has worked with many interstate clients over the last decade. She facilitates commissions remotely via virtual video sessions hosted from her studio workshop where all references and display pieces are on hand to help guide you as she welcomes you into her creative world, where your special pieces will come to life.

  • Can you make an item like one I have seen somewhere else?

    If you have a particular style in mind or element that you love in someone else's work, yes, Abby can adapt her own style in conjunction with your idea and turn it into a unique piece. However, copying someone else's work one-for-one is not an option. The artist that has created that piece rightfully owns the design.

  • Do you provide a jewellery cleaning service?

    All Abby’s clients are offered free follow up maintenance on their commissioned jewellery pieces with her safe bio cleaning methods or ultrasonic cleaning service and care advice.

  • Do you keep a register of details so I can make sure a piece fits the person I’m commissioning it for?

    Simply email us at orders@abbyseymour.com and let us know the name and birth or anniversary date and we’ll let you know if we have your special person on file. If we do, we can guide you along in confidence knowing that you have the right specs to make an informed choice.

  • Can I include my own gemstone into one of your pieces or a new commission?

    In some instances, yes. Abby loves breathing new life into special, sentimental and antique heirloom pieces. However, there are process and material limitations that need to be taken into account and are explained on a case-by-case basis. Harder gemstones, such as sapphires and diamonds that are larger than 4mm are normally safe to repurpose, while softer and smaller stones can carry additional risks that need to be discussed.

  • Can I repurpose an heirloom gold piece?

    In some instances, yes. Abby loves reinvigorating special pieces that have been passed down through the family or hold a special meaning. Abby offers two options for this. The first involves melting down your gold for a credit that can be used towards a bespoke commissioned item within any limitations that reusing the metal might involve, which she will discuss with you. Secondly, it can be possible to melt down your gold and turn it into a new piece within design limitations. This option usually suits less detailed designs.

  • How long does the commission process take?

    Most commonly, it takes between four and six weeks. However, it can take anywhere from 10 working days to four months depending on schedules, sourcing requirements, the design pathway and the time of year.

  • Do you provide a rush service?

    While we do not provide a rush service, we always recommend that if you need your item for a specific date, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate where possible.

06. Workshops

  • How many students are in each class?

    Abby Seymour’s workshops are designed for intimate classes of between 4 and 8 students. As a former design teacher and experienced jeweller, Abby understands the value of tuition and close guidance and wants to impart the best experience for students to really enjoy and learn.

  • Can I book for a group or private function?

    Yes, group bookings are welcome and make for a really fun experience. Simply send us an email at orders@abbyseymour.com to start the conversation.

  • Can I come back to do a refresher course or for studio access and time?

    Refresher classes and additional studio access time is offered to all of Abby’s prior students who have taken part in one of her full wax to metal workshops.

  • Can I be privately tutored one-on-one?

    Occasionally, Abby will take on private tuition in off-peak seasons. The special experience and opportunity is on a case-by-case basis and it is recommended to get in contact with her at least a couple of months beforehand if this is something you are interested in.

  • Can I come with my partner to make our own wedding rings?

    Yes, this is such a fun and special experience to share together. Abby offers a tailored Ring Workshop that is perfectly suited to this experience, after which your rings will be ready to take home. You don’t need any prior skills or experience. Visit her workshops page to see what is coming up or to register for workshops news.

07. Stockists

  • How do I enquire about becoming a stockist?

    Simply email Abby at orders@abbyseymour.com with your shop or gallery details to start the conversation.

  • Do you sell to retailers on consignment?

    No, Abby does not work on a consignment basis.

  • What are your stockist policies?

    We are very careful to partner with likeminded businesses and gallery museums that share our values. We carefully build our relationship with each stockist, which fosters a shared story and respect. We are careful not to saturate our representation too closely in one area. Our aim is to grow each relationship and we do not usually stock for short term or do one-off showcases. We don’t work to the mainstream practice of seasonal collection releases.

  • Do you have Minimum Order Units?

    We require MOUs for all first-time orders, after which we take a flexible and individual approach with each stockist to achieve the best fit together. When you get in contact, we will share a helpful information pack that clearly walks you through all the details.

  • Do you work on collaborations and how can I get in touch about one?

    Instead of working on seasonal releases, we choose to value, nurture and grow by spending our time collaborating towards purpose-driven outcomes. We are curious, creative and have a can-do attitude towards collaborating. With over 15 years’ experience as a jeweller and life experience as an artist, Abby is confident in her process. She is driven to keep exploring and expanding possibilities through shared views for exciting and innovative outcomes merging practical and commercial understanding of form, function, wearability and accessibility with the beauty of artistic expression.

08. Sustainability

  • What is the product and business lifecycle?

    Our core values of sustainability, social equality, and ethical and responsible mining inform our entire design and creation process. Being truly responsible in these areas doesn’t involve one single accreditation or solution but a holistic approach to bring each piece into the world honestly, with the least possible impact. You can read more here.

  • Why are solid metals more sustainable?

    With plated metals, the plating wears off and can result in the jewellery being set aside and no longer worn. We only use solid metals to protect the longevity of your investment and retain its value into the future. You can read more about our sustainable practices here.

  • What is Fairmined gold and why is it important?

    Fairmined is an assurance label that certifies gold from empowered artisanal and small scale mining organisations, which meet world leading standards for responsible practices. We have worked hard to bring this to our practice. Until now, cast gold – which we use in our pieces – has not been able to achieve this standard. We have worked with Fairmined to develop an Australian-first Fairmined Gold Casting Initiative, which means your accredited Abby Seymour jewellery is a small but important piece of progress for people and our planet.

  • What is your commitment to sustainability?

    There is no single accreditation or solution to ensure ethical and sustainable practices in jewellery making. Similarly, there is still a lot to be done across the sector to address a more positive mining pathway. We strive to create pieces that make their way into the world with the least possible impact and are committed to keep evolving and advocating for considered and sustainable pathways and industry standards. As part of this, we pledge our commitment to work towards all materials being responsibly sourced through The Clean Gold Network. You can read more about our sustainable practices here.

09. Shipping

  • Do you offer international shipping?

    Yes, we send international orders through Australia Post’s registered service. The delivery time and cost varies depending on location.

  • Can I pick up my order from your studio?

    Yes, please email Abby on orders@abbyseymour.com to let her know you would like to collect your order from her Melbourne studio so you can organise a time to pick it up. This can be organised to comply with any COVID safe requirements.

  • How is my order packed?

    All items are carefully wrapped and come in a jewellery box with care instructions. If your item is posted, we will package it with the utmost care to ensure it arrives safely while still taking care to make packaging as environmentally responsible as possible. We use printed tough bag envelopes that are 100% recyclable once any tape has been removed, and the clear tape that we use is biodegradable. We use recycled and reused materials for outer protective packaging, which can look a bit rustic but rest assured that underneath there will be a beautifully boxed item that is perfecting for gifting or to store your items in.

  • How long can I expect postage or shipping to take?

    Within metropolitan Australia:
    Orders within metropolitan Australia are sent with Australia Post or a courier with options of registered, insured and express. Standard services usually take between two and three days from the time of dispatch to arrive while express services are typically delivered within 24 hours from dispatch. Please note, these timeframes are subject to change and are determined by Australia Post.

    Within rural Australia:
    Orders within rural Australia are sent with Australia Post with the option of being registered, insured and/or express posted. The standard Australia Post service usually takes between three and seven days depending on the exact location while the trackable and insured services are usually delivered within three days. Please note, these timeframes are subject to change and are determined by Australia Post.

  • Can I order express or registered and insured shipping?

    Yes. All orders within Australia can be registered, insured and express posted. If you would like to insure your order for international travel this will involve an additional cost based on your location.

10. Repair and replace

  • Can you repair my piece?

    Please email us on orders@abbyseymour.com should you need to have your piece assessed for resizing or repair. Our studio team will assist with a personalised process, depending on what you need.

  • How much does a repair cost?

    Our repairs fee for customers of our online store or showroom is $45 + GST. Our minimum for all other repairs, including third-party repairs, is $95 + GST. We will provide a quote for each item after assessing it.

  • How do I arrange a repair?

    Please email us on orders@abbyseymour.com with the relevant details, including your name, postal address, preferred contact method for the invoice, the product name (please provide a photo if you can), the metal and an explanation of what needs repaired. We will get in touch to arrange the next steps, including asking you to post your item to Abby Seymour’s showroom with a pre-paid and self-addressed envelope or satchel for the return.

  • Can I buy a replacement chain or earring?

    Replacement chains can be purchased in sterling silver, oxidised silver or 9K yellow gold. As a guide, silver chains can be purchased for between $45 and $110 depending on length, clasp, style and finish. Replacement earring hooks, butterfly backs and sleepers can also be purchased. Please contact us on orders@abbyseymour.com to let us know exactly what you are after and we can provide you with the cost and availability. We are hoping to offer these items to you online in the future.

  • Can I buy a single earring?

    Ah yes, losing an earring can be so easy to do and so upsetting but don’t worry, we can help reunite your pair! Or perhaps you like to mix things up and curate your own earring selections. Either way, simply add ‘single earring’ upon checkout in the coupon code section of Abby Seymour’s online shop.