Brass Moon Diamond ~ Wall-Hanging


This Moon Diamond wall hanging has a timeless and contemporary style that integrates geometry and intricate texture.

Bold geometric shapes are paired together creating a totem like form. A perfect statement piece of art to hang in your home and add some character.

As the wall hanging sways and the movement of each element catches the light it highlights the brass sparkling and golden.

This design is part of the Diffusion label, a collection that brings the same distinct illustrative style and refined aesthetic to a striking and accessible jewellery and homewares collection.



Design Width: 105mm
Design Height: 230mm
Brass Thickness: 0.5 mm
Design Collection: Diffusion Label

Materials: Brass, Ceramic, Silk, Cotton and Linen

This item is recommended for indoor use.

Materials & Care


Every Abby Seymour piece is handmade in Melbourne using high quality and sustainable materials.

Abby chooses to work with a locally sourced Australian quarried clay and solid Australian Brass which is perfect for sensitive skin and everyday use. Over time, exposure to the elements and with wear brass becomes antiqued in colouring.

Detailed material and care guide.