9K Gold Elaz Threader

From $361

The Elaz threader earrings are hand carved sensual wave like forms, organic and flowing representing beauty of the impermanence and transient details in nature.

The Elaz earrings sway and move with the wearer, making for an elegant, lightweight everyday earring.

This design is part of the Oceana collection which captures both the complexity and simplicity of Australia’s seascape. Each piece is an abstraction of marine life, harmoniously balancing intricate organic details with understated beauty.



Design Width: 10mm
Design Drop: 37mm
Total Length: 118mm
Design Weight: 0.9g per earring
Earring Style: Solid 9K Gold Post and Chain Threaders
Design Collection: Oceana; Medius

Materials & Care


Every Abby Seymour piece is handmade in Melbourne using high quality and sustainable materials.

Abby chooses to work with solid gold with no plating. It is an investment that will last well into the future. Your precious piece will not tarnish, will never need plating and is perfect for sensitive skin.

Detailed material and care guide