Silver Ammonite Sleepers


These Ammonite earrings are delicately etched in silver and feature the ammonite fossil, whose spiral shape symbolises continual change and evolution. The gentle spiral line work has been etched into the front surface, the reverse, a softy polished beaten texture. The Ammonite evokes feelings of lost relics and jewellery unearthed.

The Ammonite Sleepers are designed for everyday staple wear with their minimal and classic form.

A contemporary reflection of the diverse forms taken by Australia’s ever-evolving land, Landscape references Australia’s natural architecture. Like the land itself, Landscape is simultaneously structured and fluid; bold and delicate.



Design Width: 16mm
Design Height: 16mm
Total Length / Drop Height: 31mm
Earring Style: Sterling Silver Sleepers
Design Collection: Australis; Landscape

These earrings are available in these metals;
Solid 9K Gold, Sterling Silver

Materials & Care


Every Abby Seymour piece is handmade in Melbourne using high quality and sustainable materials.

Abby chooses to work with Sterling Silver which is perfect for sensitive skin and everyday wear.

Detailed material and care guide.