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Abby often hosts workshops at her Melbourne based studio, nestled in the historic Younghusband Woolstore in Kensington.
Her diverse practice means that she covers a broad skill base that she has been practicing over the past decade, so by attending one of her exclusive workshops you will get an insight into how she works and get to take away an original piece of work.

If you would like to be updated when a workshop becomes available, if you have just missed out on a spot, or if you would like to wait for a more suitable date, be sure to sign-up to her workshop mailing list. 


Wax Carving to Metal - Jewellery Casting

2 Classes

You will get to make your own unique ring, earrings, pendant, bangle or small metal object to take home.

For any skill level, no prior skills or knowledge needed. 

Abby Seymour is renowned for her illustrative and distinct carved detailing applied in the form of metal used in her practice. Through the lost wax casting process Abby creates her own signature style; distinctive for markings which conjure references to ancient Egyptian relics and Art Deco geometry.

Designed for beginner to intermediate level, this workshop will guide you through the design process in lost wax casting through choosing the right tools, selecting and carving the right jewellers wax. Techniques of carving, filing and polishing will be used to give shape to a unique piece of jewellery.

There will be multiple demonstrations along the way and opportunity for individual tuition, specifically tailored to guide each student through the nuances of each design. You will also be given an invaluable hand book to reference at home along with a gridded design pad, wax to continue your designs, and of course your very own piece cast in silver or brass.

This course provides the perfect opportunity for you to apply your vision and style using the same techniques as Abby does in her practice.

This intimate workshop will be held in Abby’s Melbourne studio across two days; workshops are limited to a small number of students.

*All tools and materials will be provided. Additional materials will also be available to purchase in the workshop.

  • Location
    206/10 Elizabeth St, Kensington
  • Dates
    18th & 25th of February
  • Time
  • Price

Hand painting & forming porcelain

2 Classes
For beginners and intermediates with Abby Seymour.

Classes will be held In Abby's studio in Kensington, Melbourne, Australia.
Come and learn, make and be guided through a porcelain project. 

These exclusive classes are limited to a small number of students.
Abby Seymour will be running classes based on her past years of experience working with porcelain.
During the four classes you will be taught some of the basics about working with porcelain.

You will come away with a couple of original pieces of jewellery made from scratch in porcelain, hand formed vessels or perhaps you have one of your own projects in mind that you can be guided through.

  • Location
    206/10 Elizabeth St, Kensington
  • Dates
    11th & 18th of March
  • Time
  • Price