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Bespoke and Customised

Choosing to commission a special piece of jewellery is the start of a journey. With trusted Australian designer and jeweller, Abby Seymour, the journey to bring your story, occasion and heirloom to life is truly a shared one.

Far from the traditional conservative approach, you will experience the rare alchemy of the artist, jeweller, materials and your story combining to create a precious piece like no other. A piece you will cherish forever, nurtured into being by an expert guide at the pinnacle of her craft. Known for her elegant contemporary collections in art galleries and museums throughout Australia, Abby Seymour also works intimately with people seeking a unique piece of jewellery, designed solely for them.

She has developed her contemporary approach over a decade, listening to clients and sharing her affinity with art, design and jewellery to spark connections and translate personal sentiments into beautiful signifiers of time and occasion. Perfect symbols of evolving stories.

Her aim is to welcome you into the world of jewellery design and creation; firstly by listening to your desires and experiences to understand what your piece needs to embody and how it will move with you through life.

“Creating a one-off piece with a client from start to finish is a beautiful and rewarding journey. It’s about translating their stories and style into a signifier of their expression, time and occasion. I see it as creating a timepiece, crafted by hand into a refined form of art – self expressed and made to last.”
Materials, Quality and Process

While the design and material possibilities are endless, Abby will guide your ideas and help shape your story, walking you through designs, shapes, metals and gemstones, and provides inspirational storyboards, testimonials and photos to help convey the creation process, which begins with sourcing materials for your piece to support any heirloom gems or metals you want to include.

Whether through personal online consultations or by visiting Abby Seymour’s sunlit Melbourne studio for fittings and insight into her working environment, you will see each step in the design and creation journey. Given time to unfold, your story will be treasured for years to come – imbued with the positive experience of bringing it to life.

With Abby Seymour, your investment in a special commissioned piece is matched by her skill, time and attention to detail. Her careful consideration and refinement throughout the process ensures the highest quality for your heirloom, made to last by design.

Quality comes from experience, gained through 15 years of practice and honoured by her reputation as an expert guide and artisan, highly skilled in precious handmade jewellery.

Abby is dedicated to sourcing the highest quality materials as ethically and sustainably as possible. With her wealth of knowledge about responsible sourcing and her commitment to sustainable business practices, you will feel proud of the provenance of your piece.

It is what Abby brings as an artist that makes working with her even more special. The combination of her fine arts training and jewellery experience provide the ability to see things differently, breathing the essence of form, texture, feel and sentiment into a new dimension – a piece of art, thoughtfully sculpted for wear. This multi-dimensional vision means that as an artist, she sees infinite possibilities. As a jeweller, she knows how to travel through the possibilities with you to make your piece utterly unique. Endlessly yours.

Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings, Maternity Rings, repurposed and redesigned Heirloom Jewellery, all made with love and attention to detail in Abby Seymour's Melbourne Showroom.