Leucadendron - Ochre

$220.00 - Sterling Silver / Brass & Porcelain

The Leucadendron statement studs are a bold and contemporary earring showcasing reticulated and tiered elements in porcelain, brass and silver each referencing the details in the native flora. A feature of these unique earrings is the individually hand impressed and painted porcelain flower component articulated on a golden brass textured branch arc above which a finely detailed silver stud disc top is perched. The ochre glazed porcelain colour combination an earthy representation of the landscape and warm confident floral design.

These earrings are also available in pink glazed porcelain.


- 55 mm width
- 95 mm height

This design is part of the Botanica collection which captures both the complexity and simplicity of Australia’s unique native flora.
Each piece is an abstraction of botanical life, harmoniously balancing intricate organic details with understated beauty.

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