Ammonite Amulet Necklace

$130.00 - Sterling Silver

Ammonite Amulet showcases the fine texture and the miniature, fragile beauty displayed in nature. The spiral shape of the ammonite fossil symbolises continual change and evolution and evoke feelings of lost relics and jewellery unearthed.

The Ammonite Amulet is designed for everyday wear and can be worn individually or effortlessly layered with the other fine amulets from the collection,

This design is also available in 9K yellow gold with a 50cm chain with clasp.

-19mm Height
-16mm Width
-400mm Chain Length

A contemporary reflection of the diverse forms taken by Australia’s ever-evolving land, Landscape references Australia’s natural architecture. Like the land itself, Landscape is simultaneously structured and fluid; bold and delicate.

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