Are all of the products made by you?

Yes, all products are made and designed by Abby Seymour.

Where are your products made?

All products are made locally in Abby's studio in Melbourne, Australia. No outsourcing or cruelty is inflicted in the process.

How environmentally considerate are Abby Seymour's products?

The highest possible quality of all materials are featured in Abby Seymour's products. Where possible, Abby preferences locally-produced materials. All materials purchased to make the products have been ethically sourced with the least possible affect to the environment.

Why should I purchase online? 

As a small business that does not advertise, Abby heavily relies on her online shop for revenue to survive. Online shop sales provide Abby with the cashflow required to keep her production on-time and enables her to more heavily re-invest in improving the service and products.

How long will my order take to make?

When you order a product from Abby Seymour's online shop you will either: 

  • select 'add to cart', in which case your product is in stock at Abby Seymour's studio in Melbourne and will be dispatched and posted within 3 days of order placement. 
  • or select 'place an order', which means that the item you are purchasing is not in stock or is made-upon-order. In this scenario, it may take up to four weeks for the product to be made by Abby before your order is dispatched and posted.