Hand-formed Pieces
Made for You.

Bespoke & customised: 
Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings, Maternity Rings, Heirloom Jewellery Re-design all made with love and attention to detail in Abby Seymour's Melbourne Showroom.



Engaging in this intimate process starts a discourse for creating bespoke pieces, established early on in the Abby Seymour, Melbourne based showroom or via Skype consultations.

The collaboration between the client and artist is tailored to encompass, evolving and flexible working methods and to make the design vision come alive through the processes and materials explored.

From conception through to malleable prototypes and then into precious materials you can be a part of your own creation and watch it unfold step by step.

Prototypes are formed and carved from specialised waxes to widen the possibilities from the most subtle of details alongside the more complicated and structured of designs.

Designs will then be transformed into the appropriate material and refined to the most minute of details.

If you are looking to revitalise and customise existing designs into a more considered and appropriate design, create a special piece from scratch, own an original Abby Seymour piece or talk about the possibilities of bringing your idea to life please book in for a free; no obligation consultation in my beautiful showroom.




As a practising artisan Abby Seymour has been able to grow her skill set, to become an experienced trades person and to be able to have formed the long and professional relationships with her metal and gem merchants. This means that sourcing and offering the highest quality materials that are as ethically considerate and sustainable as possible has become her ongoing mission. 

Metals: Platinum / Yellow, White & Rose Gold 
Gemstones: Family Heirloom Stones / Vintage / Organic and Black Diamonds / Sapphires / Opals, the list is endless of available gemstones.

To help with the sometimes overwhelming selection available, a viewing can be arranged of requested varieties and current available styles to see in person at the Abby Seymour Showroom. 

From organic diamonds that showcase the beauty of ‘included,’ meaning not your usual and unfortunately sought after social standard blood conflicted high CCCC ranked diamonds. These consist of salt and pepper, galaxy and grey diamonds that highlight the natural imperfections and colourings that I think show a beautiful uniqueness and special quality. They have less of an impact on the environment as they are graded lower which means they are also a lot less expensive. This is definitely an  option to consider if you have your heart set on a diamond.

There is also a huge variety of beautiful coloured gemstone possibilities, like this months birthstone; Garnet. Or why not highlight the beauty of fair-trade sourced gold with subtle detailing and unique design to highlight the nature of the material itself.